S-market Otsikko

Client: Dynamo&son / HOK-Elanto


S-market Otsikko is a all caps custom font designed to be a used as a title font in marketing materials of S-market. It is clear and powerful. Round corners gives a nice soft touch to it.

HKL Headline

Client: Dynamo&son / HKL


HKL Headline is a custom font designed to HKL (Helsinki City Transport). This font is based on old hand painted tram signage in Helsinki. I did some research of the methods how painters actually painted those block letters. Then I designed the font with some subtle modernization but preserving all those distinctive details and characteristics.

BE script

Client: BEdesign

BE script is a custom script font made for BEdesign. It is based on their founders handwriting.

Makers Sans

client: JWT Amsterdam / Maxeda DIY

Makers Sans is a custom sans serif type family that includes 8 uprights and 8 italic styles. This font family is based on my Riona Sans type family but it is modified quite a lot.