Paintlay is a casual and laid-back brush script font. Bouncy baseline, upright strokes and soft forms are the main characteristic of Paintlay. What sets this font apart from others is the layers that include Base layer, two different highlight layers and two shadow layers.

You can either use the Base layer as a regular font. It works nicely like that. Or you can add a little depth to your designs by using the highlight layers and shadow layers.

Lay some paint with Paintlay. Just pick and mix the layers and have some fun!

Released 2015
Weights & Styles 4
Language Coverage Extended Latin
Formats OpenType



Paintlay Family $85
Base layer $35
Light and Shadow layers á $15


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Paintlay Base
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Paintlay Light One
Quick brown fox
Paintlay Light Two
jumps over the lazy dog
Paintlay Shadow One
Grumpy wizards make
Paintlay Shadow Two
toxic brew for the evil Queen and Jack.